Friday, 14 October 2011

Photographs of our visit

Our friend and driver Rajabu had his 37th birthday with us. Our cook
Monica made a birthday cake and we all sang. Rajabu is a Muslim and a wonderful example how different faiths can live, work and have fun together. He lives in Dar es Salaam with his wife and three children. He has had little schooling but now knows just about everything, speaks excellent English, French and some German.
On top of a mountain the Diocese of Rochester are assisting with funding the building of Queen Esther's boarding school for girls. It is Bishop Jacobs dream to have this school to enable girls from the age of 14 to have education in a safe environment. Normally if they are able to have secondary education they have to travel far which mean they sleep in the nearest village and often risk being abused, end up pregnant and then they are not allowed to continue their education. There are now three classrooms built, dormitories are in the process and perhaps by next year the girls will be able to use the facilities but there is still much to do.

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