Thursday, 29 September 2011

'We have arrived'

Left home 2pm 27 September arrived Mpwapwa 6pm 28 September. Good journey but very tiring. It is hot,hot,hot. Feeling right at home amongst my second family. Went straight to the Cathedral to join in the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the diocese. Lots of music, dancing and preaching (which lasted 1 1/2 hours) Finishing with prayers and healing. Then back for supper, delicious meal produced by Monica who always does our evening meal. Arriving at our hotel 'The Ark' with owner Mr Noah and off to bed to have a really good night (sleeping with Linda) and we didn't wake up with the Muslim prayers at 5am. Today spent all day at the Cathedral with more celebrations and now off to the hotel to bed it is 9pm. The rest of the week is filled with more celebrations, on Saturday we are teaching the children some songs and dance finishing with a big service in the Cathedral on Sunday when I shall assist with Communion and Linda will read the text in Swahili (I think I have been let off lightly!) I have had lots of cuddles with babies and they didn't cry. Done lots of dancing and now can't wait to go to bed and hopefully I shall have some water tomorrow morning and be able to wash! Love to all. Yolande

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

'The day has arrived'

Tuesday 27 September 2011  - All suitcases are packed and hopefully BA are not going to be difficult about the 'excess'. Feeling very calm now after extremely busy time workwise and socially.  Trying to remember my words in Swahili, just hoping the memory will return once I am in situe.  Leaving home at 2pm for Heathrow and flight is at 7.20pm. 9 hours and 40 minutes later we shall be landing in Dar es Salaam being met by Rajabu our lovely driver who will take us to Mpwapwa town arriving there some 7 hours later. Hopefully I shall be able to send more messages and photographs as long as we have some power and internet access. Would be great to receive some comments on the blog. Lots of love to all who are following the trip. Yolande xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Last 'Bra' is packed

To all the ladies who have donated bras a big thank you. They seem to have appeared from wide and far. Obviously word has got out! 300 +  bras have now  been packed to go to the women of Mpwapwa. I must say I seem to have been very boring with my underwear, what a wonderful selection of colours. I shall take photographs as we hand them out and I know the women will be thrilled and we should have a good laugh too!

Preparing 'Parenting & Relationship' course

The packing is almost complete just one case to go. My grateful thanks to those who have supplied suitcases and also that I am able to leave them in Mpwapwa as they will be most useful as storage. The termites eat everything but not so keen on the suitcases!

Now it is time to prepare the 'Parenting & Relationship' course. I used to run this in Rochester Young Offenders Prison when I was the Chaplain there. A course that I designed especially for prison use and fortunately it was accredited by a college giving the course members a qualification at the end.  Now is the challenge making it relevant for young girls 14-18 at the Queen Esther's Boarding School for girls, Mpwapwa.

To those who have read my blog

A big thank you to those of you who have taken time to read the start of my blog and for your kind comments. Do make comments on the blog and also we can keep intouch that way, it is just like emailing. Yolande x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Packing is nearly over I wonder how my other travellers are getting on?

I still have items that are not packed and have run out of suitcases - still have my own packing to do and the total should come to 7 or may be 8! Then there will be the 9 suitcases of my fellow travellers. Not worried about BA coping it will be our driver when we arrive at Dar es Salaam - where he will store them in our landcruiser - where there is a will there is a way!!

Grateful thanks to all at All Saints,Orpington, friends, neighbours and family who have so generously donated items and given time to all the knitting.

More suitcases!!

Suitcase no 5

Two cases over our allowance but we must take it - full of story books, games, pencils, biros, exercise books and most important LOLLIPOPS!

Are we nearly there I wonder?

No 6

Oh dear I have forgotten what I packed I think it is children's clothes  - no just remebered 198 bras and 61 pairs of spectacles (not much use to children) and ontop are all the bags to use for packing personal gifts for the close friends made over the years.

 We are now already three  cases over the allowance and I still haven't packed my own!

Packing continues!!

Suitcase No 3

Knitted baby hats, jackets, gloves
St. Luke's Maternity clinic will be overwhelmed by the quantities.

Also adult T-shirts, jumpers, 2 pairs of jeans and  .......

medical scissors, tweezers, dressings

If it can be of use we take it!

                                                                     Wow! still within the 23 kilo limit,just one little problem I have now used up my three suitcase allowance!!

Not to worry we carry on!

No. 4 - 280 tennis balls!

The children will be thrilled with these. They have so little to play with. I can't wait to see their faces.
Now truly over the case allowance limit and the case is over 23 kilos!

But there's more!

Packing in earnest!!

Suitcase No 1

Knitted baby clothes  for St Luke's Maternity Clinic - Mpwapwa

Knitted blankets for Queen Esther's Boarding School for Girls - Mpwapwa

Within 23 kilo allowance - great!!

No 2

More knitted baby clothes for St. Luke's Maternity Clinic - Mpwapwa

Still within 23 kilo allowance - fantastic!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Two weeks to go!

My first attempt at blogging! Please be patient with me while I get the hang of it!
We leave on 27 September for Mpwapwa in Tanzania.  Myself, Linda Wanniaratchy,Stephen and Sylvie Barbor (it is their first visit). Time to think about packing! Three cases are already full and over weight allowance.

Luggage allowance is three cases per person of 23 kilos - our loft is heaving with all the donated items I have to pack to take out to Tanzania. Childrens clothes, toys, books,games, baby clothes, shawls, blankets, 200 tennis balls,medical equipment, 198 ladies bras! specticles,pens, pencils,etc. This is without my own personal items for three weeks. It is a problem -  I think I need a truck!

One case with tennis balls
One case 198 bras and 60 specticles

Still a long way to go!

Extra luggage will cost £77 per case. Any suggestions?