Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Miriam Linda

Here is the beautiful Miriam Linda. We can't wait to go back to visit her during our next trip. She was born 17th July 2011 so will be getting on for a year old when we next meet.

An unexpected Baptism!

There is always the unexpected during visits to Tanzania. Not only on this visit was I made a Canon of All Saints Cathedral,Mpwapwa, but  asked to baptise a baby.

Miriam Linda. What  an honour that was for me and my two colleagues Mike and Linda who were the God-Parents. Hence the name Miriam Linda. What a wonderful service followed by a celebration supper at the home of the parents.

St Luke's Maternity Clinic

On the day we visited four mothers had just left safely delivered of their babies. Three mothers were waiting for their time.  The women from the villages are not too sure when their due date might be so have to rely on the expertise of the mid-wives. For this part of the world the facilities at ST Luke's are very good and certainly births are much safer than in the villages where there will be no doctors, mid-wives or medication if needed.

St Luke's Maternity Clinic receives baby clothes October 2011

St Luke's Maternity Clinic in Mpwapwa town helps the women from all over the Mpwapwa Diocese during their pregnancy and delivery. It is very difficult for women who live two or three days walk away to attend the clinic as they have to make the journey at least a month before the birth or they would not be able to make the long walk. Also there is a need to break through the custom of having the babies in the villages which often leads to problems during delivery. To encourage the mother's to use the clinic we take out baby clothes and shawls so that when they have had their baby at the clinic they are given outfits and a shawl to take with them. Ladies from churches in the Orpington and Bromley areas of Kent have knitted dozens of these outfits and shawls. The picture shows midwives and doctors receiving them during our visit in October 2011. We hope to take out more during our next visit at the end of June 2012.                  

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Collecting for next trip June 28 - July 20 2012

The loft is starting to fill up with items donated for Tanzania. I already have bras,knitted baby clothes,knitted scarves,soft toys,children's books and clothes. Thank you for the support.
If you have children's clothes age 2 to 10 years they would be most welcome for the orphan children. The following items are also most welcome
Tennis balls,pens,pencils,erasers,sharpners,rulers,spectacles,men's shirts,soap,costume jewellery,more bras,soft toys.
Of course funding is always most welcome. You can be assured every penny goes towards our projects. Visits to Tanzania are self funded.