Thursday, 20 August 2015

August 2015 - latest update - Great news our schools are up and running!

Chitemo pre-school has now 168 children attending. This is now a huge challenge for Ruthu the pre-school teacher.  She has overcome the problem by having a programme that allows some of the children in the class room for 25 minutes teaching while the others are having activities outside with volunteers. We shall need to review this during our visit this October.  What a wonderful problem too many children!!

                                                                          The children have to double up two at a desk
The schools are looking great!
Ruthu preparing her class work at Chitemo Pre-School
Metal store cupboard at Chitemo Pre-School
Toilets for the children in the process of being built
Hagali showing some of her teaching aids
She is also pleased to have her store cupboard at Nyhinila Pre-School
Hagali at Nyhinila Pre-School has 64 children
Hand held blackboards for the children to use
Hagali has been making teaching aids
 Outside activities!
Firewood to cook the maize for the children's porridge
A new generator has been purchased for the water bore-hole in Nyhinila village
The generator will be housed in a brick built building.
Two trolleys have been supplied by All Saints, Orpington, Kent for the villagers to carry their water containers to and from the water bore-hole.
Simple games can be made for outside activities
There has been much progress since our last visit in October 2014.  It is so good to see the children attending school.  We still have many challenges.  How to enable the villages to find the funds to pay the teachers a salary and maintain the schools -  training more teachers - teaching equipment for the schools - outside activity equipment - more desks and chairs!!!
We have got this far - we shall meet the remaining challenges.
The children will have a brighter future.