Tuesday, 29 June 2021

June 2021 update

 It has been very disappointing that for the past 18 months SEEDS has not been able to move forward with projects.  Tanzania has been off limits for visits and remains so.  Their dealing with the COVID virus has left much to be desired.  In fact very little has been done to help the people although now the Government are asking for help in securing vaccinations. 

The seasonal rains have been extremely heaving which has destroyed many of the crops.  Without crops the food supply is diminished and the people in the rural areas go hungry.

We have continued to help the Maasai orphans with the benefits of education but sadly with COVID raising funds has become almost impossible.  There have been too many problems in the UK for people to consider help for further afield. 

I continue to pray that there will be a solution and that in time the challenges will be dealt with.

As soon as I have any news I shall update the blog.