Tuesday, 28 September 2021

 SEEDS  is coming to a stand still with our work in Tanzania because funds are low.  However, we are delighted that we managed to successfully complete our three main projects in Chitemo and Nyhinila villages in 2019.   We still have one project and that is to enable  35 Maasai orphans to attend school. (see previous blogs). 

Raising funds has become impossible since COVID due to being unable to go out  and do presentations to stimulate interest and funds.  

The Maasai we support are seriously struggling.  They live in the most rural area with no amenities.  At present they have no  water available as the river beds are dry.  They are having to travel without transport a considerable distance to collect water and also have to pay for it.  They are extremely poor and the situation is  getting  desperate. Due to the lack of water most of their crops have died which means little food and  their cattle are also dying.  

 Deep pit in the river to access water

Normally water  would be accessed by digging into the river bed (see above) some 40 feet down. Someone has to be lowered down by rope to fill buckets of water and then they are hoisted up. There is always the risk of falling in and drowning. Can you just imagine what that must be like?

Until we supported the orphans 4 years ago it would have been impossible for them to attend school.  The Maasai adults in the villages have never had education and do not think it is necessary.   The children attending school has been quite an achievement on our part.  The orphans we support will not be able to continue to attend school after this year as we do not have sufficient funds.  With our other projects we enabled the villages to become self sufficient and take responsibility of the projects but this is not possible with the Maasai at present.  

 It takes only £100 to send a child to school for a year.  This covers their uniform, teaching materials and food.  

If you read this and feel you can help, please contact me.

canonyolande@seeds4tanzania.org - 07794151635 -  THANK YOU

Working together to give children hope for the future.