Thursday, 25 September 2014

13 days to go!!

Only 13 days before we leave for Tanzania.  Five and a half years ago I visited for the first time thinking it would be a one and only visit.  Well every year since I have returned to what has become my second home and family.  I am really excited this time as our daughter Rebecca who is also a trustee of SEEDS4tanzania will be visiting for the first time.  She has heard so much and seen so many photographs but nothing can prepare  for the real thing.  There are three others who are also visiting for the first time. Exciting times ahead.  I have now finished packing,weighing and itemising 8 suitcases with still two to go.  Having already sent out 10 in July with the Scouts I am starting to find packing less attractive! All the items, children's clothes, toys, games, school equipment, ladies bras,sweets,lolly pops and much more have been donated by many supporters and I am so grateful.

Well done to the Scout groups who made a safe play areas for the pre-school children




Orpington Scorpion Explorers, Dulwich Explorers and Broadstone Warren Explorers worked very hard during their visit to Chitemo and Nyhinila villages  to create safe areas around the pre-schools for the children to play.  Land was cleared and stones were painted to create boarders and game areas. The Scouts also spent time with the children playing games and generally having fun.


On 17 September I received the fantastic news that a dream has come true.  The engineers working on  behalf of SEEDS4tanzania to drill a water bore-hole in between the villages of Chitemo and Nyhinila found water.  This news has spread all over the diocese of Mpwapwa and is incredible  as the village of Nyhinila had no water which meant the people had to walk 5.5kilometres to the village of Chitemo to draw water and then of course walk 5.5kilometres back. This had put a strain on the water supply in Chitemo where they have been suffering because of its scarcity.
 I have been told that the people had gathered at the site and some living nearby bringing their cows and goats to the water.

Pastor Festo Kizuzu was so excited saying "Mungu kaleta maajabu Chitemo maji yametoka.  Ukuu, nguvu, sifa na utukufu anastahili mwenyezi Mungu milele na mile.  Amina"

Translated means    "God has done a miracle at Chitemo, we have water.  Glory, power, and honour be to our almighty God for ever and ever, Amen"

Grateful thanks has to go to Rev Nicky Teverson who worked so hard to raise the funds for this project.  We shall be celebrating with the villagers when we visit as from 9 October.  FANTASTIC!!