Friday, 1 September 2017

Update September 2017

My last up- date was some months ago as we have had many challenges to overcome since then.
Thankfully the pre-schools are doing well. The 5 trained teachers, 3 in Chitemo, 2 in Nyhinila are working well together and the children are enjoying their schooling.  2/3rds reached the required level to move onto the government schools at the age of 7.  Those who are a bit slower stay on at the pre-schools until they have improved.  We do have the challenge of continuing to pay the teachers a monthly allowance and supply the schools with teaching materials.  This will continue until the end of 2019 when it is hoped the villages will be able to self-fund.

The bore-hole at Nyhinila continues to have problems maintaining the working of the machinery to pump water.  Yet again the machinery has broken down which means the people have to revert to walking the 7 kilometres to Chitemo to access water which puts a strain on the water supply.  It is hoped that the problems will be overcome.  Water is so precious to the people.  

The 'piglet project' unfortunately has been delayed by a number of months due to swine fever sweeping the area.  All pigs had to be slaughtered.  Thankfully we had not taken delivery of any piglets or paid any funds.  I have recently heard that the swine fever is now clear of the area and we can progress with the project.  During our visit in June we met a young man who is a qualified vet and he has agreed to oversee the project on our behalf which will be a great help. Originally we were going to purchase piglets to start the project but because of the delay we are now going to purchase adult sows.  We will then hasten the process of producing piglets to sell and start accumulating funds over the next two years for when we hand over the project to the villages so that they can become self-supporting and maintain their schools and teachers.  In the meantime until the end of  2019 SEEDS will continue to fund the maintenance of the schools, pay the teachers monthly allowances and of course fund the piglet project.  

Pigsties in Chitemo similar in Nyhinila

Welcome from some of the pre-school children in Chitemo

Time for games

Parachute game is always popular
Inside main classroom at Chitemo
Always sad to say goodbye - Kwaherini!