Monday, 2 April 2012

The loft is filling up again!!

My request for items to take out to Tanzania on my next visit has been responded to far greater than I could have expected. I have nearly 500 bras to distribute amongst the women who will be over the moon with such a luxury. How we women take something like wearing a bra as the norm and not only that but we have the luxury of fittings,choosing shapes,colours etc and when we want to we buy another. I am also delighted with the amount of children's clothes and soft toys that have been donated. The orphans of Chitemo and Nyhinila will be so happy to have something new to wear and a toy to play with. The villagers are very poor and toys are not something that they are able to buy. There are many other usueful items that have been donated and all will find a home. My biggest problem will be transporting everything in our luggage allowance. The allowance is three cases per person of 26 kilos and as many extra cases as we wish but they come at a price, starting at £45 for the first extra case and the price goes up with every extra case thereafter. Where there is a will there is a way. On Sunday 20 May we are holding a Tanzania lunch at our parish church All Saints, Orpington. Not only will it be a fun occasion enjoying the delights of the lunch but hopefully we shall raise some funds to cover extra costs for the trip at the end of June. A big thank you once again to all SEEDS supporters you are helping to make a difference to the lives of little children.