Saturday, 22 November 2014


The main project for SEEDS4Tanzania has been to build the pre-schools in Chitemo and Nyhinila villages. We are nearly there.  It is down to accessories now.  However, having also trained teachers,  teachers cannot work for free.  The villages are very poor and are unable to pay the teachers so we need to come up with a scheme to generate funds and make the villages independent in this task.
We visited the Animal Research Centre in Mpwapwa.  Their objective is to research the most productive breeds of animals for farmers in Tanzania, depending on the area they are living.  Also the centre researches the best feed for the animals and how to grow it.  Very simply, although it is not going to be this simple,  SEEDS are hoping to supply the villages with a selection of animals that they can breed and then sell at market to generate funds to pay for the teachers and maintain the schools.  The animals will also provide food products such as eggs, milk, meat etc. The village of Chitemo (which is the larger)  will be used as the centre for the animals.  A group will be organised to look after the animals and the members of the group will go to the Animal Research Centre for training in animal husbandry - best practice.  We are thinking of starting with chickens and goats.
So far we have funded and designed programmes to aid the development of the villages  and encourage them to take responsibility for the following:-

1) The  children between the ages of 3 - 7 will attend school and have the opportunity to develop  skills that will take them onto a firmer footing when they move to formal education in the Government schools.

2) With education the children will have the opportunity to build a brighter future.

3)  Adults of the villages will have learnt how important education is for the children who are the future of their communities, their country.

4) They will have also learnt that with a little help working together as a community can change the fortunes of the villages.

It is hoped that they will take on board the animal project with the same enthusiasm they have shown to-date for the above.


KISHINGO chickens are meatier and produce more eggs.
Goats produce two kids per year and are a good source of milk.  Goats milk is also medicinal  and good for children who have dietary problems and skin complaints. 
There are still challenges ahead but every step gets us nearer our original aid to help to make a difference in the lives of these children and hopefully a brighter future.

The growing of special feed is important for the animals to flourish.

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