Thursday, 20 November 2014

'The famous five' travel to Tanzania October 2014 - Part 1

Heathrow Airport.   For myself it was the fifth annual visit to Tanzania.  For the rest of the team it was their first.  So much excitement!
We are met at Dar Es Salaam by my faithful driver Rajabu.  A trip to Tanzania would not be possible without him
Some of the wonderful children at the village of Chitemo where we are building one of the pre-schools.
 Jacqui Weale one of SEEDS trustees and also Co-Ordinator for the Link between All Saints Church Orpington and the villages of Chitemo and Nyhinila presents Pastor Festo Kizuzu and his wife Sara with gifts from All Saints.

The building of the pre-schools at Chitemo and Nyhinila (which are identical) is now completed including window and door frames.  The walls inside and out require painting and the ground immediately around the schools need clearing.  50 desks and chairs are being made for both schools, including desk, chairs and equipment cupboards for the teachers.  Each classroom will have a large blackboard and each child a small hand held blackboard. These are now on order and of course the chalk.  Paper and pencils are not sustainable as the cost money.  We also purchased large posters to go up onto the walls with numbers, letters of the alphabet and colour.   Hopefully by the end of the year the schools will be up and running - Hooray!! 
The metal worker who is making the frames for the desks and chairs.
There are always many meetings with the village committees to discuss what has been achieved and the way forward.  Of course I have to practice my Swahili which is always a big challenge
Inside the classroom.
Pastor Festo is presented with his laptop - What a difference it will make. He will now have a wonderful aid to communication.



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