Friday, 21 November 2014

'The Famous Five' October 2014 - Part 2

Three Scout groups visited Chitemo and Nyhinila villages in July 20.  During their visit they cleared ground around the two pre-schools to make safe play areas for the children.
The children visit their pre-school and look forward to when the school will open for lessons.

Hagali from Nyhinila

 Ruthu from Chitemo

Two young women who trained as pre-school teachers funded by SEEDS

 SEEDS are hoping to fund the training of another two women one from each village.

Water at last!


Our trustee Rev Nicky Teverson raised the majority of the funds to drop a water bore-hole at the village of Nyhinila. On the 11 October 2014 there were great celebrations as the first waters gushed out of the pipe.  The people will no longer have to walk 6 kilometres to access water at Chitemo and this will also alleviate the demand on the Chitemo bore-hole . On that first day the water was free and thereafter there will be a small charge per 20litres so that there will be funds to maintain the bore-hole and generator.
The first water at Nyhinila - 11 October 2014
Water at last - The people wait patiently.
Time to fill up the containers!
Tree planting
We planted trees around the bore-hole site to help prevent soil subsidence during the rainy season.

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