Saturday, 7 February 2015

Great News! The school buildings are completed and equipped to go!

 The classroom and teacher office equipment started here. The frames all made in iron to avoid the termites munching away at any wooden structures. This has been quite a challenge to the lovely mental worker who was charged to make 100 little desks, chairs, two tables and chairs for teachers and two metal cabinets to keep equipment. He started in October 2014.  As you can see his workshop is very simple in itself.
An amazing accomplishment for this 'fundi' (worker).
The loading of the equipment to deliver to the schools.
 Loading completed and off we go-3 hour drive!

Arrived at last at Chitemo pre-school- Lorry engine may have overheated!

Metal store cabinet for teachers office at Chitemo pre-school. How green everything looks after the rains!

It looks good - Have we is it in the right place?

Ruthu (teacher) Wow this is fantastic!

Look it has separate sections!

This is my table and chair- I think there is need for a bit more furnishings in this office!
Time to get the all important children's tables and chairs into the classroom.

It is looking good - and a nice big blackboard on the wall!

We borrowed a few children to test it out - so exciting!

Pastor Festo thinks Chitemo school is looking good - just need to tidy up outside.

Nyhinila pre-school is up and running.  Hagali (teacher) giving the children a maths lesson
Children receiving their hand-held blackboards.

Nyhinila pre-school is also looking good.



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