Thursday, 25 September 2014

13 days to go!!

Only 13 days before we leave for Tanzania.  Five and a half years ago I visited for the first time thinking it would be a one and only visit.  Well every year since I have returned to what has become my second home and family.  I am really excited this time as our daughter Rebecca who is also a trustee of SEEDS4tanzania will be visiting for the first time.  She has heard so much and seen so many photographs but nothing can prepare  for the real thing.  There are three others who are also visiting for the first time. Exciting times ahead.  I have now finished packing,weighing and itemising 8 suitcases with still two to go.  Having already sent out 10 in July with the Scouts I am starting to find packing less attractive! All the items, children's clothes, toys, games, school equipment, ladies bras,sweets,lolly pops and much more have been donated by many supporters and I am so grateful.

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