Thursday, 29 September 2011

'We have arrived'

Left home 2pm 27 September arrived Mpwapwa 6pm 28 September. Good journey but very tiring. It is hot,hot,hot. Feeling right at home amongst my second family. Went straight to the Cathedral to join in the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the diocese. Lots of music, dancing and preaching (which lasted 1 1/2 hours) Finishing with prayers and healing. Then back for supper, delicious meal produced by Monica who always does our evening meal. Arriving at our hotel 'The Ark' with owner Mr Noah and off to bed to have a really good night (sleeping with Linda) and we didn't wake up with the Muslim prayers at 5am. Today spent all day at the Cathedral with more celebrations and now off to the hotel to bed it is 9pm. The rest of the week is filled with more celebrations, on Saturday we are teaching the children some songs and dance finishing with a big service in the Cathedral on Sunday when I shall assist with Communion and Linda will read the text in Swahili (I think I have been let off lightly!) I have had lots of cuddles with babies and they didn't cry. Done lots of dancing and now can't wait to go to bed and hopefully I shall have some water tomorrow morning and be able to wash! Love to all. Yolande

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  1. It's great to see you here once more Yolsnde. Have a safe and enjoyable visit. Mikey x