Sunday, 11 September 2011

Packing is nearly over I wonder how my other travellers are getting on?

I still have items that are not packed and have run out of suitcases - still have my own packing to do and the total should come to 7 or may be 8! Then there will be the 9 suitcases of my fellow travellers. Not worried about BA coping it will be our driver when we arrive at Dar es Salaam - where he will store them in our landcruiser - where there is a will there is a way!!

Grateful thanks to all at All Saints,Orpington, friends, neighbours and family who have so generously donated items and given time to all the knitting.


  1. Hi Mum. Blog looks great and it's fantastic to be able to see everything you are taking with you. I offered the Galaxy to Dad to take you to the airport but now I'm not sure that'll be big enough for all the luggage!
    How exciting that we will be able to come along on the journey with you (internet access permitting!). Love you, Rebecca

  2. Yolande,
    Liked the blog.
    Send me your bank account details and I'll send you the money for another suitcase.