Wednesday, 29 November 2017

November 2017-Update - Oink! Oink!

After almost a years delay because of the swine fever we now have great news our first pigs are in their new homes in Nyhinila and Chitemo villages.  The sows have been serviced by the boars and now we wait to see if they will produce  piglets  in the near future. The villagers have decided to name the first adult pigs as you will see.

Angela, very clean and dainty!
Angela is a supporter of our projects.

Jacqui, where has it all gone !
Jacqui is one of our Trustees

Mzengo (Oliver)- big boy ate it all!

Mzengo is our eldest grandson who visited Tanzania in June 2017 and was baptised into the Gogo tribe, hence the name. Mzengo means builder and as he is training to be a teacher he will build the future of children.  How thoughtful is that?

 Rebecca, she always was a mucky kid!

Rebecca, daughter and secretary/administrator of SEEDS

 Trevor, what big ears you have !
Trevor, husband and Gofor of SEEDS.

Yolande, that's me.  I am either shy or have been naughty!

Future piglets will be named after the supporters who donated funds to the pig project.

We shall be purchasing more sows once it has been established that the project is progressing well.

This is so exciting - how we have progressed since establishing our charity in September 2011.

We hope and pray this project will achieve the results we need to enable the villages to become self-supporting and independent.

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