Thursday, 2 November 2017


After a disappointing long delay due to the swine fever outbreak in the area we now have pigs in our pigsties.

Interior of a pigsty before building was completed.   The pigs also have an outside area.

Our vet Yohana Ngoso who is overseeing the project.

12 months pig feed for Chitemo and Nyhinila

Yohana disinfecting the pigsties before installing the pigs.

One of the sows to be purchased.

Looks like one of the boars being checked out by Yohana

The pig in its new home

And another one!

It was decided because of the delay in the project the purchase of   adult pigs would be more sensible than piglets thereby speeding up the  production of piglets.  To start each village with have two sows and one boar.
We have supplied the villages with 12 months of pig feed. Those who are looking after the pig project have been trained and we now have Yohana Ngoso a  vet to oversee the project until it is felt that those in charge are comfortable with their role.
SEEDS will continue to fund the schools and pig project until 2020.   It is then hoped that the villages will have accumulated sufficient funds and together with continued  sale of piglets will become self-supporting and independent.

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