Monday, 22 February 2016

February 2016 update

We are moving forward slowly but surely.  During our visit in October 2015 after discussions with Archbishop Jacob Chimeledya we acquired a new coordinator  Stephen Ngailo.    Stephen is also Project Director for Compassion International, based in Mpwapwa.  He has been a good friend and supporter of SEEDS for many years and his role is fundamental to the success of our project. He is our main communication channel with the villages and senior members of the Diocesan team in Mpwapwa. He acts as our interpreter and oversees the developments in between our visits.
He is married to Ansila and is the very proud father of his son Aristotle.

Stephen helping to blow up balloons for the children.

We are also delighted that we have been able to fund the training of two young village women and one young man as pre-school teachers.  Their course started at the beginning of February and they will graduate at the end of this year.  Both schools are coping with large numbers of children and the addition of more trained teachers will be a relief for the two existing teachers and their volunteers.

Many areas in Tanzania have suffered with lack of food during 2015 due to the poor rain fall in 2014/2015.  The majority of the people in rural areas exist from what they are able to grow.  No rain mean no crops, no crops means no food.  In 2014 30 scouts visited our villages and have continued to support them by raising funds for various projects.  Their latest contribution has  enabled us to send £500 in February to buy food for the villagers of Chitemo and Nyhinila. The rainy season 2015/16 has been good and it is hoped  the recently sown seeds will bring a  harvest of crops that  will see the people through until the end of the year with some in reserve.

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