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'Famous 5' trip October 2015 continued

8 October 2015 
Time to leave Nyhinila and say goodbye to Hagali and her young helper. Hagali has three children under 5 and her husband died suddenly at the beginning of 2015.  Thankfully because she is now a trained pre-school teacher she has some status otherwise she would have struggled and her children would have been known as orphans.
A little sign at the approach to Nyhinila pre-school
'Yorande pre-school Nyhinila' I found this very touching.
Water bore-hole at Nyhinila.  Water is now collected from the bore-hole into a  2000 litre tank.  This save the bore-hole
pump having to be constantly in use.  An additional 5000 litre tank would help the saturation.  We are hoping that this will be purchased as soon as funds are available.
The new more powerful generator which will be housed in the building in the process of construction.
The bore-hole pump which will also be housed.  The river next to the bore-hole. A scene throughout the area, all the rivers completely dry.

 Cattle standing in the river bed but given water in a trough. Donkeys waiting with water containers to filled and transported back to the village.
 10 October 2015
 We return to Nyhinila for the unveiling of the foundation stone  and blessing of the pre-school by Archbishop Jacob Chimeledya.
The school children are waiting to greet us.

The foundation stone is unveiled by Archbishop Jacob and the school is blessed.  Archbishop Jacob then speaks to the people of the importance of having a facility to educate the little children and also the need to maintain the building.  If things need refurbishing or replacing they are not to look to Canon Yolande and SEEDS4tanzania.

The School is blessed.  Archbishop Jacob holds one of the children's slate boards and speak about when he was a child and his father taught him to read and write first with drawing in the dust of the earth and then with a slate board.

We return to the bore-hole the generator building has already progressed in height and the walls are being rendered.  Archbishop Jacob blesses the bore-hole and speaks to the people about the importance of water and therefore the importance of the maintenance of the bore-hole and equipment.

The bore-hole foundation stone and the housing for the generator.

Chitemo sign post                          
                            The children welcome us with posters written in English.


 We have now returned to Chitemo for the unveiling of the foundation stone of the pre-school and the blessing of the school by Archbishop Jacob.

Time to celebrate with dance and song.
 Ruthu the trained pre-school teacher of Chitemo.
The mothers entertain us with song.  Mother's Union (in blue).
A little baby is more fascinated with Steve (our official photographer) than with the entertainment!
Time for me to speak to the people.
With Steve's 1300 plus photographs and my 500 plus it has been difficult to select what to show.  I hope the captions and photos have given a flavour of our  visit. However, SEEDS  still have many challenges.
Challenge number one.
To supply outdoor play equipment for the two schools.  Swings, roundabout and slides.  These are in the process of being built.
Challenge number two.
The schools still need teaching equipment.
The teachers need to be paid but the villages are very poor.  After a number of visits to the Animal Research Centre in Mpwapwa and discussions with representatives of Chitemo and Nyhinila it has been decided to supply the villages with pigs.  The pigs will breed and the piglets sold at market to produce the funds to pay the teachers and maintain the school.  This is a long term project and it will take time to produce any funds. In the meantime SEEDS will take care of the teachers funding.  It has been decided that in each village a small group will be responsible for managing the pigs and they will spend three days at the Animal Research Centre on an animal husbandry course.  This will of course require a substantial sum of money to pay for the course and thereafter funding will be required to purchase the sows and bore for each village. 
There are many struggles to survive in this country of Tanzania, life is hard for many.  At the end of every day in Tanzania as the sun goes down I feel privileged to be accepted and loved by the beautiful people and a part of their lives.   



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