Monday, 22 April 2013

She did it! Ran the Marathon in 5.22hrs - Arrived as fresh as a daisy

 London Marathon Sunday 21 April 2013 - What a fabulous day with perfect weather.

Left home 10am with husband feeling really excited to be joining the thousands of spectators at the London Marathon but most important to cheer on  Tracy Clark who was  running her first marathon and in  aid of SEEDS4Tanzania.
London was heaving with spectators and the atmosphere was electric. Really lucky to have a position by the road side in between Waterloo Bridge and Charing Cross almost next to Cleopatra's Needle. It was a treat to see the runners of various abilities but all with the same purpose - to complete the race.  Many charities were represented and some very moving stories told.
How thrilled we were to see Tracy approaching and looking so good. She ran a brilliant time and we are so grateful for all her efforts during training and completing the race.
                                         YOU ARE A STAR!!

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