Friday, 5 April 2013

A big 'THANK YOU' to Hawes Down Infant School

On Thursday 28 March - Maundy Thursday in the Christian Calendar - the parents and pupils of Hawes Down Infant School,Hayes, Kent met at the Methodist Church for their end of term Spring Festival service. The parents and children have been supporting the SEEDS project. Parents  donated school uniforms no longer used by their children and the children searched through their colouring pencils, colouring books, reading books and soft toys to donate to the orphans in Chitemo and Nyhinila.
Mrs Duffin the headmistress invited myself and Rebecca (daughter and SEEDS secretary) to the service and also  gave me the opportunity to say thank you and speak for a short while about SEEDS.
 It was a pleasure to be with these little children and see them dressed up in the Easter crowns they had made and listen to their little voices singing songs about Spring time. As always on these occassions when watching and listening to such little innocent children it brought tears to the eyes of the guests. One  song was titled 'A tiny seed was sleeping' which I found appropriate having been invited to speak on SEEDS. Our charity started with the germ of an idea, a little seed, that has grown and taken root and with the help of others, like these little children it will continue to grow and flourish.
At the end of the service  a collection was taken,  the parents gave generously and the school donated the money to SEEDS.
This showing of love and caring for others was very appropriate to have happened on Maundy Thursday the day that Jesus commanded:
' And now I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.' John 13.34

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