Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hurrah! We have bought another 'Piki-Piki'

During my last visit in July 2012 I went to Dodoma to organise the purchase of a motor-bike (piki-piki) for Pastor Festo of Chitemo and Nyhinila. This is the third bike I have organised for Tanzania - wouldn't dream of trying to buy one here - I would leave it to the men in my life!  He has 8 churches under his care and only a bicycle or his feet to travel many miles over very rough terrain. Can you imagine any Vicar in this country accepting such a post? Rev Nicky Teverson generously donated the funding for the bike. Unfortunately it has proved difficult to transfer the funds because of incorrect bank details. At last after four months the money has arrived safely. I then had to organise someone to go to Dodoma to finalise the purchase and now I am waiting to hear that the bike has been picked up and is safely in Chitemo. It will make such a difference to Pastor Festo and his care of the congregations in the churches. Perhaps 4 months wasn't that long - I had to wait 3 months to have a couple of arm chairs delivered to my home that were made in this country! Patience is a virtue!

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