Monday, 19 November 2012

Third Tanzanian Lunch

How time flies - it has been six months since our last lunch and I was overwhelmed by the support yet again.  Forty sat down for a 'Tanzanian' style lunch - well it sort of resembled a Tanzanian meal with a number of extras!!  I'll let you work out the extras. This time the 'lunchers' were using knives and forks instead of the spoon and fingers!  The usual tooth picks were available -very Tanzanian. The first time I went to Tanzania and ate a meal I was offered a paper napkin and tooth pick. I soon found out why. Eating with the fingers required the napkin and the meat was so tough the tooth pick was essential!   Our meal started with an orange juice cocktail - ( juice with a little shot of whisky) accompanied with Tanzanian style peanuts - followed by the main course - rice,chicken (didn't need tooth pick),mixed vegetables and a tomato sauce -sliced  banana,brown sugar and  brandy infused cream - African ginger tea with a mini cake. It's making me feel hungry writing about it.  During tea I gave an update on the building progress and projected recent photographs. The usual great team helped with the serving and clearing up and without having to ask others joined in. We had a table of paper-backs for sale and great fun  with the raffle. The lunch raised over £400 in donations.   Yet again I am amazed at the generosity shown. A big thank you to all the 'lunchers'

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