Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Help to sponsor a Maasai orphan child

Rev Baraka,Maasai Anglican priest who leads the work with orphans.
his wife Ester and son Matthew
James Maasai leader presents Chris with a goat a great honour 

Presenting us with Maasai robes and bead work

Maasai home
Head Maasai woman
A beautiful Maasai child

Maasai elders

SEEDS is hoping to continue to work with the Maasai people to enable them to have the funds to send the orphan children to school.  The people are very poor and live in a very challenging area with no water bore-holes only what the river provides when there is water.  When the river dries they have to dig down 40 feet or more to find water that is unclean and often leads to water related diseases.  We have given some water filters to help with this problem.  There is often great hunger  because of lack of crops  and SEEDS have donated funds to buy grain.  We hope that we can find sponsorship for the children to enable them to attend school and through education have hope for the future.  The people are working hard to help themselves but need a helping hand until their situation improves.

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