Wednesday, 27 November 2019

A decade later - A time of celebrations- Oct 2019

Ten years have passed since my first visit to Tanzania and they have been such a blessing to me, my family and many friends who have shared in the experience of this wonderful country and its people.

Our October 2019 visit was a time of celebrations and in some ways sadness.  We were handing over the ownership of the  three main projects (schools, bore-hole & piglet breeding)  to the people of Chitemo and Nyhinila villages.  As I have mentioned before it was so important that the villages became self-supporting and independent.  My sadness was like a mother giving freedom to the child she had nurtured for many years.  

My relationship with Chitemo, Nyhinila and Mpwapwa Diocese has not come to an end but has reached another chapter and will continue as we have become not only firm friends but family. None of our projects would have been achievable without the support of  the Bishop of Mpwapwa, Bishop Jacob Chimeledya, the Diocesan staff, the commitment of the villagers, family, friends, individuals and many organisations.  Importantly the strong faith, dedication and foundation of prayer generated by those intimately involved  has under pinned all that has been achieved.

The past ten years have been life changing for so many people particularly myself and my family.  I have been privileged to work with God's people who have opened my eyes and heart to their strength in faith and trust in the Lord and I  have also been honoured to become a Canon of All Saints' Cathedral Mpwapwa.  

Memories of  October 2019

Suitcases packed with items to be distributed

Our  lovely driver and 'Son number 1' Rajabu with myserlf, husband Trevor and daughter Rebecca.
Rajabu has been our driver and kept us safe for the past 9 years.

The long journey of 12 hours from Dar es Salaam to Mpwapwa begins!

It has been many hours since we left England and Rebecca has given in to a needy doze!

It is wonderful to be back to the colour, the sounds and smells of Tanzania

Chichi Lodge,Mpwapwa, accommodation has greatly improved over the years. A far cry fro years of the most simple of rooms with only buckets of water used for washing and flushing  the loo!

5 star Breakfast day 1 - pancakes,oranges, bananas, tea or coffee. Wonderful

Day 2 arriving at Chitemo village

So happy to be back

Catching up with Pastor Festo and his wife Sarah
The start of the day must be singing

Many hours discussing the future

The many village representatives, committee members, teachers are present
What is going on in there?

We must have some games and songs

Time for 'pipis' sweets for the children

Members of the Diocesan Office

Agape cafe for lunch with many flies!
Time to visit the schools

Chitemo school the children are waiting welcoming us with songs
Chitemo school - both schools have been re-painted inside and out.

Great fun chasing balloons and creating clouds of dust!

We visit the pigsties at both villages- production is going well

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