Monday, 5 March 2018

'GOOD NEWS' we have our first piglets

After more than a year delay due to swine fever our piglet project has progressed.  Two sows, named Yolande and Rebecca have produced 8 piglets each.  Two more sows are thought to be pregnant so time will tell.  We are grateful to have the expertise of our Vet Yohana who will oversea the progress of the piglets and those who are taking care of them.  The aim of this project is that in time funds from the sale of the piglets will go towards maintaining the village pre-schools and paying the teachers thereby enabling the villages to become self-supporting and independent of aid.  In the meantime SEEDS will continue to fund the schools, teachers and the piglet project.  I hope in due course we shall have photographs of the piglets.

Piglet carers and Vet

Yohana our Vet

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