Wednesday, 25 October 2017

October 2017 Update

Pig Project-Chitemo and Nyhinila
Good news the swine fewer has been eradicated and we are able to move forward with the piglet project.  We have transferred funds to cover all equipment and vaccinations required for the pig breeding and for one years supply of pig feed for both villages.  Also funds have been transferred to purchase 2 adult sows and 1 boar for each village.  It was decided as there had been a delay of a number of months in producing piglets due to the swine fewer adult sows who had already produced one litter of piglets would be the best way forward to get production started as soon as possible. Once the project is seen to been running successfully more adult sows can be added to each village.  We are very pleased to have Yohana Ngoso a young qualified vet to oversea the project on our behalf.

Bore- hole - Nyinila

The bore-hole  has been repaired and the people are now able to access water.  Long may it last.

Schools - Chitemo and Nyhinila

The number of children attending the schools remains steady and we have just transferred the funds to purchase a variety of teaching materials. 

Maasai Orphans - Kiteto area

We are continuing to support these children with food and the opportunity to attend school.  The area is seriously lacking water because of the poor rain fall this year.  The only water available is by digging pits in the dry river beds 20 to 30 feet deep.

Maasai orphans
Accessing water

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