Thursday, 3 July 2014

Latest news from Chitemo and Nyhinila

Latest photographs of Chitemo pre-school

Building work has been temporarily halted as the cheque book was lost and the building committee were unable to draw any funds.  This is now being rectified with the bank.All being well they will be able to continue to have window/ door frames made, render the walls and cement the floor.  I have learnt that working in Africa needs patience but we shall get there!
Orpington Scouts are leaving for Tanzania on 19 July and one of their projects will be to clear the land around the Chitemo and Nyhinila pre-schools to make safe areas for the children to play.  The Scouts will also be making activity toys for the children's play area.
Photographs of the pre-school in Nyhinila will soon be available when a visit is made by our co-ordinator Rev Agripa Ndatila.

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