Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Life can be very challenging in Tanzania

I have recently received an email from a friend in Tanzania. His name is Baraka Ngobei. He is studying at the Theological College at Kongwa in the Diocese of Mpwapwa. Baraka has a wife Ester and a young son Brighton. He comes from another diocese where he will return once he has completed his studies. At present he has returned home and sent me this email
'Great to hear from you and trust that your husband's health will improve, I am now at home for the short break. I am also doing some find for my research here in the Diocese. Brighton and Ester are in Kongwa and they are all fine. People here at Kiteto have a big problem of water especially these months. The area where my parents live there is no water so they have to travel 20km and above for looking water. Send our greeting to your family and friends. Love to all the family. God Bless. Baraka.'
Water is always a problem - there is never sufficient. It makes me realise how much I take for granted here in England when I turn on the tap and more importantly leave water running.
What I have found which is so wonderful with the people I know in Tanzania that what ever the challenges  they never moan or give up and always have hope for the future. Something that perhaps we could all remember when we think things are a bit tough.

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