Monday, 12 March 2012

Latest news from Chitemo & Nyhinila villages re pre-school building

I have recently received an email giving me details of the latest progress re the building project of the pre-school for the orphans in Chitemo and Nyhinila. The Pastor Festo Kizuzu of Chitemo has assured me that there is now a project committee of 15 members and a construction committee of 7 members. Two women have already been identified to train as pre-school teachers, their names are Hagali Maonezi from Nyhinila and Lutu Isaya from Chitemo. Obviously we are going to need more teachers but this is a great start

The land for the pre-school
Their working time table for the construction of the classrooms is as follows:-
JAN-MARCH 2012   Collecting stones in the Bush
APRIL-MAY 2012     ferrying stones and sand from the Bush to the site
MAY-JUNE-JULY 2012  Making Bricks, burning and digging of the Foundations.
JULY-OCTOBER 2012    construction of classrooms/possibly roofing depending on the availability of required materials.

I am so very proud of the people as it has not been easy speaking about the need for committees, bank accounts, being accountable for everything. Terminology that we are used to but not in small villages in Africa.

I have also been overwhelmed by the number of people who are coming forward offering their help in some way. When ever I get nervous about the whole project help seems to appear. You could say divine intervention!!

A very kind friend is designing a website for us which will be up and running in the near future. How exciting is that. Another friend has put our details on his Cool local website that promotes local small businesses and  helps to  raise the profile of small charities and community groups. Fantastic! I am being invited to speak to various groups about the SEEDS charity including a Tanzanian church in London and hopefully this will  help to raise its profile.

My loft is filling up with  clothes/toys  for the orphans, bras for the women, and many other useful items. I am not very good at asking this but what we need is funds. If you wish to donate our bank account is as follows

Seeds for Tanzania - account number  81671863 - sort code 40-09-25
Thank you for your interest and support. 
Rev. Canon Yolande Marcussen

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