Friday, 3 August 2012

Nyhinila village works towards its pre-school......

The long process of making mud bricks has started. Many have already been made and these are some that have been dried out in the sun before being stacked and then ready to be fired. Wood is placed in the tunnels the wood is set alight and the openings are blocked. The heat from the wood will eventually cook the bricks ready to be used for building.

.   The villagers of Nyhinila have been working hard collecting stones (boulders) for the foundations of the pre-school. These will have to be broken up into smaller sizes and then transported back to the building site. A lorry has been donated by the diocese of Mpwapwa and SEEDS4Tanzania will fund the fuel.  Photographs can never do justice to the real thing. There is no B & Q to pop to for supplies. This is a dry barren mountainous area. The main materials accept cement,nails and roofing have to be sources from the land by hard  physical work of the men and women. 

 I hope that eventually we shall build something like this. This is part of a primary school on the outskirts of Mpwapwa town where building is easier because of the facilities. If our pre-schools are similar I shall be over the moon. 

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the challenge of it all but when I meet a child who has so little as we may know it but so much potential if given a helping hand I know it will all the anxieties will be worth it.


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