Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Latest news from Chitemo and Nyhinila

Great news - I have received an email today from an associate in Mpwapwa diocese who has met with the pastor of Chitemo and Nyhinila villages. The stones have been transported to the building sites and the foundation work is underway. How exciting!

Unfortunately I am now unable to return this October and will have to wait until 2013 after the rains have ended. They will start in November of this year and continue until end of April 2013. My next visit will be at the end of May beginning of June. Until then I shall have to rely on emails re the building progress

 Photograph of Emily aged three. A family I  support  while their father is away studying. Her sister Florence is training to be a medical lab technician and she has a brother Michael who is still at school.

 I am hugging brother Michael and mother Agnitha. The other people in the photograph are neighbours who have come in to meet the strange lady!!
Couldn't resist adding this photograph of 'me' sitting for the first time in my Canon's stall in the Cathedral in Mpwapwa.  I am the first women priest in Mpwapwa Diocese and now a Canon in their Cathedral - as my grandchildren would say 'awesome'!!  

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