Friday, 3 August 2012

Activities are introduced to the Orphans-Trinity are stars!

The students of Trinity School Belvedere spent four days at Chitemo and Nyhinila villages forming relationships with the orphan children aged 3 - 7 years through various activities.  The activities introduced were not only an experience for the first time for the orphans but  simple forms of education and great fun. The Pastor, village elders and villagers looked on and  soon  understood the benefits of  activities and education for  children in this age group. Children in Tanzania,if they attend school, will start at the age of 7 at government primary schools  often in classes of 70 plus with one teacher, a blackboard and the majority sitting on dusty floors. Giving children the opportunity to learn through  activities and the basics in reading,writing and sums prior to attending the government primary schools will give them an head start and the means to survive in the often difficult education system.

The building of the pre-schools in Chitemo and Nyhinila villages is a start. I am hoping that when it is up and running it will be an example to others that eduction for their children is important and should start at this early age. As I am always saying it is through education that the children will develop the skills to move forward in their lives out of poverty and become independent. The adults need to be educated to understand the importance of education for their children for the children are the future of their country. They are the future teachers, doctors, nurses, pastors, government ministers,engineers etc  who will enable  the country to move out of dependency to becoming  independent.

In this tiny mud church the students of Trinity School Belvedere taught the children how to paint. The children had never seen paint and paint brushes before. A difficult activity for the first time with young children in this country with clean and appropriate facilities - how amazing was this! 

The children were taught to through a ping-pong ball into a bucket - communication was often through example rather than words - our Swahili was limited - amazing how quickly the children understood especially when they received a warm smile and an English  'Well done'

A big treat when the parachute was introduced - what excitement and what dust!

In a circle, singing songs was very popular. Heads shoulders knees and toes - Okee Kokee (not sure if that is how it is spelt!) was a hoot! Especially if they received a lollipop at the end!

The children have a break for some 'porridge' a form of ground maize mixed with a little milk and water - eaten from shared bowls with their fingers. This was a treat!

A game for the older children with a  base-ball bat and ball. Not only fun but taught them co-ordination. Every one had a go with the bat or bowl. Not quite ready for the next Olympics!

Every age group had a go a skipping  with individual ropes or as shown in the photo. What fun they had and it was 30 degrees!. 

We are only little and need a rest

There were so many more activities that Trinity shared with these children and I can only applaud them for their inventiveness and stamina in a far from easy environment. They will remain in the memories of these children for a very long time.

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