Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tanzania at last!!!!!

Yes, at last I am able to update the blog. It has been a mammoth task and loads of patience waiting for the laptop to work. Here we go! Our journey to Tanzania went smoothly. Heathrow was the first test having 9 of us with 27 suitcases. Thankfully only one had to be lightened by 3 kilos - one of mine! Ten out flight again no problems except I could not sleep the rest of the team had better luck. It was quite a challenge when we arrived at Dar es Salaam airport to find all the suitcases but eventually we were there  7.30am outside in the brilliant sunshine being met by the driver for Trinity School (rajabu) and the driver David accompanied by Sylvester from Mpwapwa Diocese. The journey to Mpwapwa went really well and was so exciting for Trinity, their first experience of Africa. We had a stop for samosas and tea and 8 hours later arrived at our destination the Abebi Lodge, Mpwapwa town. It all seems so long ago and yet it is only a week. So much has happened since. It is 7am in the morning and I have to rush to get ready for another days travel but hopefully will be able to connect with the blog again with news and photographs. This week has been such a huge learning curve for Trinity, the students, the Chaplain and assistant head teacher. They have been amazing with all they have had to cope with and I am sure particularly for the students this will be a life changing experience as it was for myself and Linda when we first arrived here 5 years ago. Keep logging into the blog, please be patient, news will be posted it is just very difficult. A sante santa. Yolande

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