Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Counting down the hours..........

My hall is full with 12 suitcases ready for my trip to Tanzania tomorrow 28 June. Flight from Heathrow to Dar es Salaam leaves at 7.20pm and it arrives 29 June 7am.  I am travelling with 8 others who will also have many suitcases. Our problem will be when we arrrive at Dar if our vehicles can't take all the cases. It happens every trip but 'where there's a will  there's a way' and some how we never leave anything behind except may be  empty suitcases where we have stowed the contents under seats or had to sit on them. Not the most comfortable journey especially as it  takes another 10 hours to our final destination, Mpwapwa town. The organising of this visit has been a particular challenge for all sorts of reasons,howevr I know that once I am on the plane I shall have no difficulty after a couple of glasses of wine of sleeping through the flight. Arriving at Dar is always exciting, so much to look forward to, so many wonderful people to meet and an amazing country to travel through. Hopefully I shall be able to update the blog during the time in Tanzania - electricty permitting!! Thank you to all who have been so generous in support for this trip - the 12 large suitcases are evidence of this.  Yolande                 


  1. My 17 year old daughter, Antalia, is one of the students on this trip. She eagerly awaited the 28th June when she could set off on the trip of a lifetime. Since the group arrived in Mpwapwa I have received several texts from her and each one tells me what an amazing time she is having and how lovely the people are who she is meeting. I don't think this will be the only time she visits Tanzania. Thank you for the experiences she is having - we can't wait to hear all about it.
    Karen Terblanche

  2. Dear Mrs Terblanche, Wonderful to receive your comments. Antalia is doing really well and coping with all the changes. She has been amazing with the little children, a real natural. Also as our official photographer we see her snapping away all the time. She will have so much to tell you and show you on her return and I believe this trip will be quite live changing for her and will perhaps influence her regarding her future. Every good wish from us all. Yolande