Thursday, 5 July 2012

The computer is working, hurrah!! I can't believe that tomorrow we shall have been here for one week. It has been full on from the first day. Having travelled for nearly 22 hours since leaving home our first morning was spent introducing Trinity School to Mpwapwa town. What an experience for them. They then wanted to go to the dress makers shop (shack!) to order traditional style clothes. You cannot swing a cat in the shop which is full of material, machines a counter. 8 of us wanting to be measured and me drawing the requested designs - patience of a saint comes to mind but we did it. We were then invited to the Cathedral to be introduced at the Mother's Union conference. Everyone had to introduce themselves, Trinity were brilliant when you thank this was a first and in a strange country. I had the usual guest speaker slot, starting in Swahili and then English which was interpreted. There were over 500 MU members.  Mpwapwa Diocese has over 12,000 members. That was the Saturday and the clothes were all promised for the following Tuesday, what service. We then went off to St Luke's maternity clinic with our suitcases full of baby clothes. Had a tour around the clinic and met two mothers awaiting their babies. One already had four children the other six and they looked no age. We had lunch at the Diocesan guest house - delicious as always prepared by Monica, Tanzanian style, spaghetti, rice, chips, beans, a little veg, a little meat in sauce all on the same plate and then the usual half an orange with a bottle of water and a bottle of pop. A little rest time was available before we returned to the Cathedral to take the 600 bras to be distributed amongst the women. A sight to be seen, photographs will follow and we had sufficient for every women there. The sizing was great fun - it took about three hours!!  We then went back to the guest house for supper and you have guest it - rice, spaghetti, potatoes this time, a little veg and meat and the orange!
It is 11pm must get off to bed will continue with Sunday 1 July tomorrow. All is well although we have five very tired young people who went off to bed at 9.30pm and deservedly so after all the hard work over the past four days. You will hear all about it in due course. Keep blogging, Yolande

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