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'SEEDS' update

SEEDS4Tanzania Update

30 January 2014

Phase one:

1.      Foundations and walls are for the pre-schools in Chitemo an Nyhinila villages are now completed

‘SEEDS’ have funded the following:

a)     Transportation of stones and bricks to the building sites

b)     Cement for the foundations and the building of walls

c)     Fees for building technicians – the schools have to be built to Government regulations

d)    6000 extra bricks due to many being   washed away during the rains

 All labouring has been undertaken by the villagers – collecting stones for foundation, making of bricks, collecting of sand. I am delighted that the villagers have taken ownership of the project and have made every effort to keep to the agreed time scale for the building programme. The Project and Building Committee are most enthusiastic in their role.

2.      A young mother from Nyhinila village has completed her one year pre-school teacher training course in Dodoma and graduated at the end of 2013. She is now working as a pre-school teacher in Nyhinila and being paid a small salary by the community.

‘SEEDS’ funded her course fees, books and living expenses. Funds have been sent to her as a gift on completing her training.


3.      During our last visit in June 2013 ‘SEEDS’ funded the purchase of 300 mosquito nets to be distributed amongst the most vulnerable children aged 5 and under in Chitemo and Nyhinila. It is hoped to purchase more nets during the October 2014 visit.

Phase two:

1.      Funds have been transferred for

a)    Materials to complete the roofing for both pre-schools

b)    Fees for the roofing technician

c)    Transportation of roofing materials

d)     Building technicians labour fees


2.    Funds transferred for

a)     Pre-school training course in Dodoma, books and living expenses for a young woman from Chitemo village. She will commence the course the first week of February 2014.

b)    ‘SEEDS’ have donated funds towards the bore-hole project for the village of Chitemo – (Project lead by Rev Nicky Teverson)


3.    Future projects.

It is hoped that once the two schools are completed with toilet facilities and equipment ‘SEEDS’ if funds permit, will supply the villages with animals to breed and sell at market to generate funds to pay the salaries of the pre-school teachers. It is important that the villages become independent.  In June 2013 a visit was made to the Principal of the National Livestock Research Institute in Mpwapwa who has agreed in theory to supply quality animals (a bull, cows, goats, pigs and chickens) for this project.  The Institute has an international reputation for research work into animal breeding, nutrition, pasture management and utilization.  They will also give veterinary and animal husbandry training which will be a great value to the villages.


Future visits

a)    Three Scout groups will be visiting Mpwapwa Diocese 21 - 31July 2014.  Itinerary attached. The Scouts have a substantial luggage allowance and will be taking out items for ‘SEEDS’ to be distributed between the two villages. The Scouts will spend time with the children of Chitemo and Nyhinila introducing various activities.

b)    ‘SEEDS’ visit 8 – 22 October 2014. Rev Canon Yolande will be accompanied by her daughter Rebecca (‘SEEDS’ secretary/administrator), Jacqui Weale (SEEDS trustee) and Mrs & Mrs Mcann member of St Martin of Tours, Chelsfield (supporters of SEEDS). It will be a first visit for the four team members to Tanzania.  The itinerary is still to be completed but the majority of the visit will be spent in Chitemo and Nyhinila villages. Rev Canon Yolande has also been invited to preach at a Sunday service at St Michaels, Kongwe where she visits annually.  It would be wonderful if this year a relationship could be established between St Michael's Kongwe and a community in Rochester Diocese or somewhere else in the UK.  Kongwe is a well established village and  an easy venue to access.  
 It is hoped that the pre-school project will be completed by the end of 2014 .


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