Saturday, 1 February 2014

CONGRATULATIONS - Hagali Kapwaga has graduated! Lutu now takes up the challenge!

 Hagali Dickson Kapwaga now 23 years of age had been working as a volunteer teacher with the orphan and other young children in the village  of Nyhinila.   Hagali received  funding  from SEEDS4Tanzania to train as a pre-school teacher and in February 2013 this young mother with one daughter under two years of age left her village, family and friends to undertake this challenge. We are delighted that at the end of 2013 she graduated and is now working with the children in her role as a qualified pre-school teacher.  Well done Hagali we are very proud of you.

Hagali singing with the children
February 2014 is the start of another pre-school teacher training year.  'SEEDS' are delighted to be funding  Lutu Godwin Isaya, aged 24, a young woman from Chitemo Village to train as a pre-school teacher. Lutu has also been working as a volunteer teacher with the children in Chitemo village.  We look forward to her graduation at the end of 2014 when she will continue her work in Chitemo as a qualified pre-school teacher..  Every good wish to you for this coming year.

Lutu Godwin Isaya

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