Monday, 24 March 2014

Update from Chitemo and Nyhinila

I am delighted to report the following:
Pastor Festo of Chitemo and Nyhinila villages has  informed us that the builders of the two pre-schools were in the last stage of erecting the roofs. In the coming two weeks our Coordinator in Mpwapwa Diocese Rev. Agripa will visit the pre-schools and send us further information on progress and hopefully photographs.   Lutu, the young woman from Chitemo is undertaking her pre-school teacher training course and  doing well in her studies. Last month  Rev Agripa was in Dodoma and visited  her training college and she was very pleased to receive the visit.
With regards to the 300 mosquito nets which we delivered during our last visit in June 2013   Pastor Festo confirmed that they have been helpful especially at this time of the year when there are a lot of mosquitoes. The villagers are experiencing difficulty in obtaining the special spray to maintain the efficiency of the nets. However, I have been assured that the  lack of spray does not prevent them from using the nets as they still  prevent the mosquitoes from biting the children when asleep. Pastor Festo also confirmed the need for more nets which we hope to  purchase during our next visit in October 2014. Funds permitting!
Life is moving forward with the installation of  electricity to  the Pastors House and the church.  It has been suggested that it would be most helpful to the Pastor and the villages if a laptop and printer could be provided.  It is hoped that we shall be able to take out a laptop and perhaps purchase a printer during our visit.

Rev Canon Yolande Marcussen
Chair - SEEDS4Tanzania




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